Saturday, 31 January 2009

Wonder What's Going On?

It's getting scary out there folks. Goodbye Wondertime.

Playing for Change: Peace Through Music

Incredible film.

A Tale of Two Vicki's

Vicki: The name of 2 people who I truly just met recently in my life (within the last few years). One in person. One on the internet. That's what I love about (my) life. You never know who is around the next corner. One Vicki is living 'My French Life' and the other Vicki is living 'My Canadian Life'. 'My Canadian Vicki' sent me a few links today. She said, 'I think you will like these.' What's amazing to me is when you find friends who really 'get' you and 'just know' the things you gravitate to. Here are the links 'My Canadian Vicki' sent me.

1. A Virtual Tour (spectacular) of Montreal
(where our boys are going in June for a school trip..would it be cool to hide in the luggage compartment?)
I love Canada! (come visit soon)

Friday, 30 January 2009

The Inauguration. At Last.

You know I love her. She's spectacularly incredible. Feast.

via Pigtown Design.

Wish Magazine Closing (Saving Private Dimma)

Dear Wish reader,
As you may have heard, Wish magazine will cease publishing at the end of 2008. We enjoyed bringing you the finest in fashion & beauty, home & decor, food & entertaining journalism, and we hope you enjoyed each and every issue. We are all sad that WISH magazine is ending, however our web-site will continue to be updated and the 20-minute supper club e-newsletter will continue to be published. We hope that you will continue to enjoy both of these wonderful products. If you are a current subscriber, we will be contacting you about your Wish subscription over the next weeks and will supply you with individual information about next steps. We will also update general subscription information on this web page. We have enjoyed sharing Wish magazine with you and thank you for your support and understanding.

Sincerely, Darlene Storey VP consumer marketing (Canada)

LIBERTY NOTE: Ah, good thing Suzanne Dimma smelt the smoke before the fire started. She's over at Canadian House and Home Magazine now and she is the best of the best here in Canada! Thank Goodness she's still working. (click on the image. that's Suzanne and her husband in their home)


When You're Naughty & You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Have a Paris Apartment like Pia's
Build a home just like this one in Toorak (a place synonomous with wealth)

Have planning binders (each one with a future book) like Martha.
Have a pin board in my photo studio like Martha Stewart.
Have a printing station like Martha's.
Keep the door open for my dog (s).
Sleep in this bed.
Get pretty like this once a month.
Get an (I mean have) ass like this.
Practice confidence and business smarts like Mary Queen of Shops.
I love her statement rings and necklaces too. That's a must.
Did you know that British women spend an average of 8 years of their lives shopping. That's 301 trips to stores a year, 15 of them for shoes. They spend 48 hours a year just looking in the windows!
Travel looking like this. Often.

Have a residence like this in NYC.

Have a studio like this somewhere???

Naughty because I don't have a clue about the source of these photos. 'Bad, bad, bad Blogger' you are whispering under your breath. I know. I know. But I am nice because I'm sharing my deepest, darkest naughty dreams with you.


Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tyra Banks as Michelle Obama

Who's Who? From the runway to the Oval Office, everything is possible for Tyra Banks.

Warm Dew Longing

A longing kissed with the first morning sun beams. Fleshing over the field of summer. This is my seasonal desire today on this winter afternoon. A morning drive, coffee in hand, CBC talk radio, wind in my hair; destinations of pleasure. Warm Dew Longing. Soon.

Valentine's Giveaway from Frou Frou Fashionista

They're soft, sensual, sexy, sheer, elegant, classy. They're Frou Frou Fashionista. And this could be yours. Go now silly.

The New Book Publishing


NYC Newstands: Yesterday's News?

In 2006, the photographer Rachel Barrett began documenting Manhattan’s newsstands, the makeshift sidewalk stores that sell candy, soda and lottery tickets, as well as newspapers and magazines. To date, she has photographed all 236 that she could find. Now this could be 'Yesterday's News'.
(Time to start collecting magazines and newspapers!)


Lilly Ledbetter: We are all created equal.

Now our daughters have the same rights, freedoms, chances, dreams and pay to create bright futures. Lilly, we thank you. xo

Photo Credit.

Long as a Swedish night. New as a Belgium bedroom.

Two of my favorite bloggers have cool posts today. Garance Dore discusses 'Pretty Green' and Joni Webb of Cote de Texas gives us a design lesson in the 'new' style that's hot, hot, hot.


Blog Driven Publishing is Born!

"Dire reports from the world of newspapers and magazines may suggest the printed medium is on its way out, but a new Chicago start-up doesn't think so. Rather, it's beta-testing a plan to publish a raft of free print publications in local communities across the US.
With a heavy emphasis on the local, The Printed Blog is an independent outlet that aggregates user-generated content from the internet and publishes it in print. The result is a fully tactile newspaper that reads and functions like a web feed, but that can still be spread across the breakfast table or enjoyed on the train. Bucking the "one-size-fits-all" trend followed by many newspapers, The Printed Blog aims to choose the content of its many local editions to reflect the votes of local readers, who will ultimately be able to express their preferences on its site. Content will include not just blogs but also photographs, puzzles, events, reader comments and other items of local interest. The paper is currently still testing its model, but its first issues are scheduled to hit the streets of Chicago and San Francisco today. It will ultimately be distributed to neighbourhood pickup points in A.M. and P.M. editions." - Springwise

See, read and/or print an issue here. Cool.
Visit The Printed Blog.

Photo Credit.


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Magazines Evolve into Blogs = Magablogs

I started this blog in June 2007 for many reasons. I felt like I was suffocating creatively and too many people were trying to control my creative life. More about this here and here. One happy reason I started Liberty Post was because I saw it as a way to 'get published', 'be a publisher' and 'writer and photographer and stylist...yadda yadda yadda'....Case in point. Along my sidebar; I wrote this in June 2007:

Welcome to my Head Office. I am the Blogger: The Writer, Photographer, Illustrator, Art Director, Stylist, Production Director, Copy Girl, Publisher & Editor -in-Chief of this International Lifestyle Magablog. (Picture a staff meeting) I publish my 'Gallery of Goods' (images & ideas) every day, so please come back soon. Est. June 11th, 2007

And then I described these:

Liberty: The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing.

Post: To place text on a Web site or in this case, a 'Magablog' - Post also means column, mail (email/internet), position (editor-in-chief) & inform.

Gallery of Goods: IMAGES + IDEAS

Magablog: a lifestyle magazine in a blog format.100% original editorial content. "Not on newstands now. Available everywhere online." No trees were used to produce Liberty Post. Subscriptions are FREE.

And then I penned my very own Manifesto:

We believe that...anything goes. You have the freedom to define your life & personal style and the license to change your mind always and often. Knowledge of our society & culture, it's places, people and their ideas (hence 'Gallery of Goods') empowers all of us. You are 'at-liberty' to create your world.

And then I gave up buying magazines as my New Year's 2009 resolution. (I've done fairly well considering I'd spend upwards of $300/month before!)

Now when I am at the check out I say to myself, 'I can see all this online.'

I now know that magazines are evolving into blogs and that they will now be called Magablogs. (yes, I will take credit for that too...if you let me, because I really think I was the first one to use it.) Ha! (and let's not get started again on newspapers..well, just one word of caution - if you work for one, start looking online.)

One of my first posts was this:

Blogs put the power of the press back in the hands of everyday people who for generations before would hand out pamphlets, send letters to the editor, and post flyers in the hopes of reaching a handful of readers who would hopefully understand their commentary, ideas and views. Often it was who you knew rather than what you had to say that was the determining factor in whether or not you got published. Just think of all the talent there is in our community. Now everyone can have a voice. "A bird in the hand (see the bird in her hand?) is worth two in the bush." This means it's better to have one blog of your own than to wait a lifetime, sending out several queries, waiting for someone to validate your work and maybe, just maybe: 'Yes' we'll publish it.As pioneers, bloggers are fulfilling the promise of the World Wide Web.

I think the blogger who has described this best is my good friend Corine of Hidden in France. She has written some valid points today. Have a read and let me know what you think.

Photo: Secondhand Nation


Happy Hats Happy Canadian

100% Canadian. Cool.


Thank You Lonny

It happens every other week. I kick it around in my head. Should I keep going or call it quits and move on to new projects like my friend Mackin Ink? (we miss you) And then wonderful things happen. My daughter called to let me know her 'love' feels I am a 'writer' first (not a photographer first), which thrilled me of course. Then this morning I was moved to find out that a photographer/stylist team from Domino Magazine featured my photo/styling work (a make-up corner of my studio with a Marilyn Monroe print) on a post announcing their new company. Thank You Lonny!

Lonny is a comprehensive photography and styling team comprised of photographer Patrick Cline and designer Michelle Adams. The duo met in New York in 2007 at a photo shoot for domino magazine, and have since collaborated on lifestyle and interiors projects.

Patricks extensive knowledge and love of photography began in London in 1997 where he assisted some of Londons premiere photographers. He spent nearly a decade honing his skills on projects ranging from fashion editorial and car photography to digital retouching and commercial printing. In 2006 Patrick made the move to New York and founded his company Brand Arts, where he has since worked with clients in the cosmetic, fine arts and design industries.

Michelle trained her eye for styling and design at a young age by combing flea markets and secondhand shops for quirky finds. She later studied interior, fashion and textile design at Michigan State University and spent a summer in London working for legendary textile designer Zandra Rhodes at the Fashion and Textile Museum. In 2006 Michelle moved to New York to work for domino magazine where she assisted the Decoration Editor on sourcing products, organizing photo shoots, and pitching new designers and trends. She has recently founded an organic interiors company called Rubie Green and works and resides in East Harlem.

Lonny is available to assist in the development and communication of brand identity through strategic photography, styling and design.



This past weekend we celebrated my Niece's 7th birthday. Do you remember the day you turned 7? I remember being happy, carefree, positive, full of confidence, imaginative, giggly, excited, energetic, hopeful. I remember some kid (Grade 6 or 7 boy) following me home from school one day. He whispered to me, 'I want to fertilize your eggs', and I thought.....for years...what the heck does that mean? Until the day I turned 10 and my Mom sat me down and had 'the woman to woman talk'. Then I had the 'Aha moment'. Bastard.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

7 Days (Feels Good)

No Pants Subway Ride 2009


After putting up my new header today it occurred to me that all of us have limitations. Even the best of us; positive, unwavering, unrelenting, stubborn, ambitious - have them. Road blocks. Others who will tell us 'No. You can't do that.' Ahem. Who the H-E-double hockey sticks (Canadian spelling of 'Hell') do they think they are? I for one am terrible with authority of any kind. I hate, hate, hate being told what to do and I voice that feverishly; to the point of childish-like behavior. I can't help it. I know the sign says CAUTION - NO DIVING. I know it's for my own good, but darn it all, it's my damn life and I'll do what I want. End of rant. Good Morning Friends!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Keyword Analysis

Below, behold my keyword analysis for my blog. (Above is an up-to-date photo of hell freezing over.) Try as I might, I still get the dirty-doers lookin' for the dirt. There is no way to figure this out, but they all end up at my place. (The list for today is good for a laugh)

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Crazy Canucks (or why it's great to be Canadian)

What Happened to Mackin Ink ?

One of my all-time favorite blogs is not allowing me access...arghh...does this mean I've been sent to the corner (for misbehaving?-say it ain't so) or have all of us been shut out. (tear) I love her writing. I adore her blog. Karey Mackin is a Midwestern girl living in the Middle East, with her busy husband and three lovely girlies, Lillie, Grae-Rose, and Esmé. She vaguely remembers a career in publishing and a few books she may have written, but is absolutely certain a previous lifetime was spent as a crow. Yes, she likes shiny things that much. A few other things you should know about Karey: she laughs at all the wrong moments, prefers recipes that only require two ingredients or less, and wears black pretty much all of the time. Except for that turquoise dress. See gobs of shiny objects mixed in with girlie fables from a not-so-far away land at her blog, mackin ink. I hope she is O.K.. Anyone know the scoop about our Jordan friend? Here is her Kirtsy feed.