Friday, 30 January 2009

When You're Naughty & You Know It, Clap Your Hands

Have a Paris Apartment like Pia's
Build a home just like this one in Toorak (a place synonomous with wealth)

Have planning binders (each one with a future book) like Martha.
Have a pin board in my photo studio like Martha Stewart.
Have a printing station like Martha's.
Keep the door open for my dog (s).
Sleep in this bed.
Get pretty like this once a month.
Get an (I mean have) ass like this.
Practice confidence and business smarts like Mary Queen of Shops.
I love her statement rings and necklaces too. That's a must.
Did you know that British women spend an average of 8 years of their lives shopping. That's 301 trips to stores a year, 15 of them for shoes. They spend 48 hours a year just looking in the windows!
Travel looking like this. Often.

Have a residence like this in NYC.

Have a studio like this somewhere???

Naughty because I don't have a clue about the source of these photos. 'Bad, bad, bad Blogger' you are whispering under your breath. I know. I know. But I am nice because I'm sharing my deepest, darkest naughty dreams with you.



vicki archer said...

You are allowed to be naughty - especially when you share such lovely naughtiness with us. I knew I liked those British gals for a reason! Fun post Liberty Post, xv.

Linda Lou said...

What a lovely fantasy you have just created!! Thanks for sharing your naughty photos with us.

Patricia Gray said...

Well if these are your "deepest, darkest naughty dreams" you are an Okay person in my books and you should have all these dreams come to you......Pronto!!!

pve design said...

You know what they say that "nice girls - finish last" well let me be naughty and race you to any one of those photos, looking pretty - clapping my hands.
Ooh, beat ya.

Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

I second your opinion on the Paris apartment, planning binders, bed, beautiful day, nice ass and NY apartment! What a nice idea for a post and who cares if you've credited the photos or not? (Did I just say that?). Well, most bloggers don't because most of the pics out there on the internet that we copy are multi-generational anyway and the source isn't listed. All your incredible posts make up for it! Your one of my top blog reads always!

Claire Kayser said...

GREAT, FUN POST! Yeah, great nautiness - I LOVE that studio pic!

Clap, Clap!

Thanks for sharing...

corine said...

bad, bad girl.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Life is but a dream and yours are beautiful! Thanks for taking us with you!

annechovie said...

I am as guilty as you for saving my fave photos with no identity...oh well! These are fun. Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

I'm inspired by your naughty jaunt! Thanks for sharing it... love, love your blog!!!

Kingshuk said...

Absolutely awesome post!!