Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Magazines Evolve into Blogs = Magablogs

I started this blog in June 2007 for many reasons. I felt like I was suffocating creatively and too many people were trying to control my creative life. More about this here and here. One happy reason I started Liberty Post was because I saw it as a way to 'get published', 'be a publisher' and 'writer and photographer and stylist...yadda yadda yadda'....Case in point. Along my sidebar; I wrote this in June 2007:

Welcome to my Head Office. I am the Blogger: The Writer, Photographer, Illustrator, Art Director, Stylist, Production Director, Copy Girl, Publisher & Editor -in-Chief of this International Lifestyle Magablog. (Picture a staff meeting) I publish my 'Gallery of Goods' (images & ideas) every day, so please come back soon. Est. June 11th, 2007

And then I described these:

Liberty: The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing.

Post: To place text on a Web site or in this case, a 'Magablog' - Post also means column, mail (email/internet), position (editor-in-chief) & inform.

Gallery of Goods: IMAGES + IDEAS

Magablog: a lifestyle magazine in a blog format.100% original editorial content. "Not on newstands now. Available everywhere online." No trees were used to produce Liberty Post. Subscriptions are FREE.

And then I penned my very own Manifesto:

We believe that...anything goes. You have the freedom to define your life & personal style and the license to change your mind always and often. Knowledge of our society & culture, it's places, people and their ideas (hence 'Gallery of Goods') empowers all of us. You are 'at-liberty' to create your world.

And then I gave up buying magazines as my New Year's 2009 resolution. (I've done fairly well considering I'd spend upwards of $300/month before!)

Now when I am at the check out I say to myself, 'I can see all this online.'

I now know that magazines are evolving into blogs and that they will now be called Magablogs. (yes, I will take credit for that too...if you let me, because I really think I was the first one to use it.) Ha! (and let's not get started again on newspapers..well, just one word of caution - if you work for one, start looking online.)

One of my first posts was this:

Blogs put the power of the press back in the hands of everyday people who for generations before would hand out pamphlets, send letters to the editor, and post flyers in the hopes of reaching a handful of readers who would hopefully understand their commentary, ideas and views. Often it was who you knew rather than what you had to say that was the determining factor in whether or not you got published. Just think of all the talent there is in our community. Now everyone can have a voice. "A bird in the hand (see the bird in her hand?) is worth two in the bush." This means it's better to have one blog of your own than to wait a lifetime, sending out several queries, waiting for someone to validate your work and maybe, just maybe: 'Yes' we'll publish it.As pioneers, bloggers are fulfilling the promise of the World Wide Web.

I think the blogger who has described this best is my good friend Corine of Hidden in France. She has written some valid points today. Have a read and let me know what you think.

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corine said...

yes, some good points and some irritating ones :-) the truth is, I don't want anything to be gone, but let's be realistic. People don't really want to drive a horse and carriage, and neither do they want to go back to typing their letters on a typewriter, with white-out and carbon paper. We're sad because this is the media of our generation. Our kids won't care that much.

Cote de Texas said...

you know - I am reading as many mags online now as I can, I like it so much better!!!! magablogs!
but still - it's so sad what's happening here. Hope Canada is stronger than the US right now.