Thursday, 6 November 2008

Autumn Swap (The Eagle Has Landed..Wow!!!)

This has been a very fun ride. It was a pleasure to create a package and send it to the U.S.A. My sweet package arrived yesterday from Jade Clark. Jade's blog is a feast of all things 'jewelry' - you will want to bookmark/link it for sure! I can't really put into words....ah gosh..let me try....I was jumping up and down beside our post box and I'm sure the neighbours whispered...'there she goes again, getting all giggly' feels so wonderful to have a selection of items chosen specifically for swap partner read through my blog to discover 'clues' of my likes, interests and passion. As you can see, I've been royally spoiled. Love, love the earrings designed by Janice Lee Ripley of Camenae in San Fransico. The cookies were heavenly and I'm going to make my coffee this afternoon. (I like to have strong coffee at about 4pm) If you want to start a swap of your own (what an excellent idea for the holiday season!) visit Sofia here. Jade, here! Here is a big Canadian Bear Hug....feel that? That's going from my beach to your home! xo


pia said...

how beautiful! you lucky gal you! enjoy x

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked everything! I hope the cookies fared ok - I didn't realize how long it would take for the package to get to you! If they're a little tough, might I suggest warming them up, or, my personal fav, dipping them in delicious Carolina Coffee! And a BLUE carolina hug to you (that's right! we went blue for the first time in 30+ years -- huzzah!). I'm still pinching myself! And thanks for recommending my blog! Have a fabulous day!

nadia said...

this is so much fun!!!