Thursday, 6 November 2008

Lovely, Thought-Provoking Comments

In response to this post: (and this is why I love blogging so)

"I love Suzanne and her thoughtful analysis on so many topics. She reminds me of you, in fact. I think that both of you make us think and reexamine the issues, and are in a category all your own. I think the topic is interesting on so many levels, as it speaks to how do people define themselves when they are mixed race, have parents with differing religions, or other "differences" that are part of their identities? I just hope he is a good leader, whatever his colour/race. I think he just might be..." Linda, Restyled Home

"I couldn't agree more. As a young woman who is both Hispanic and Caucasian, I'm more often than not thought to be white because of my coloring. My Hispanic side sees me as Hispanic while people who don't know my culture see me as something else. I am looking forward to the day that race will not matter, and we can go on as humankind." Dolcechic

"Suzanne, thank you for bringing this up. Prejudice is ancient. But the world is/seems smaller now and we desperately need to learn to get along with our worldly neighbors. I think that this man will help bring about the day when color is not the primary factor in a person's description. Just looking at his calmness in the face of huge challenges brings a feeling of hopefulness back to me. The photos of him with his family will do more to encourage the sense of family than anything else. Peace, love, and hope to all." Arlene (we need your link, Doll)
Photo Credit: Incredible Images HERE.


pia said...

I've been lost for words. Speechless. Just so happy and filled with hope again. I'm sorry for not being able to leave my normal cascade of comments along the way but I have been following all your posts about The Man (that's what I call him), so please know that I am here, with you, listening + reading. px

PS the photo of this post is fabulous - reminds me of the work of photographer Hans Silvester, i thought it was one of his actually.
PPS I also love your new 'gallery of goods' photo of the paintbrush - stunning!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for choosing one of my comments for your post. It means so much to me!

Suzanne said...

Thank you so much for featuring my words. I'm always amazed that people think I have something of value to bring to the table. But when you've lived as long as I have you better have learned something.

I really appreciate the fact that you provide a safe place to land on the internet. Somehow you modulate the energies so there's no crazy making stuff going on. Quite a talent you have there kiddo.

To those of you who commented on the previous post. No matter what anyone says, finding and defining your identity in this world is BIG.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

arlene said...

Goodness, my comments featured on your main page, that is amazing. Honestly, it gave me a warm fuzzy - thank you.

I cannot provide a link because I have no blog! I just bounce around checking out the wide variety of blogs available and some of you are visited quite often - though I don't always leave a comment.

restyled home said...

Count me in as being very honoured that you would find my comments worthy of attention. I feel quite important right now.

I love blogs like yours because I keep mine all fluff and musings about my family life. However, I think about so much more than that and have a lot of opinions...I just keep them to myself for now.

Keep up the good work!