Thursday, 6 November 2008

Calling Justin Trudeau

This blog post gives me hope. Hope for a 'Obama' type candidate in Canada. Alice Walker also made my day brighter. Her writing is delicious and I will write a similar one for Justin someday.


Anonymous said...

Don't know anything about his politics but he sure is a cutie!!!

Suzanne said...

Can a man be beautiful? He's positively beautiful and looks so much like his mother. Margaret has had quite an interesting but difficult life, due to battles with mental illness and personal losses. I hear that now she's working with a group to provide clean water for people in third world countries. Good for her! I hope that people don't see her frozen in time, partying at Studio 54.

The Trudeau's were an exciting and glamorous couple.

- Suzanne, The Farmer's Wife

karlene said...

Just wanted to give you a laugh. Spoke with our brother-in-law last night and he told us that he loved Obama so much that when he voted in Canada a couple weeks ago, he voted for Obama. Thought you would get a kick out of that.

Linda Sue said...

WooHoo gorgeous AND smart! North America becomes beautiful again!
I have to tell you that at the Obama headquarters and on the streets election day, Canadians came down from Vancouver to HELP! Generous, good natured, hopeful Canadians helping with our amazing historical, global election! THANK YOU CANADA!


I was at the Blue Mountain Inn today and the staff were talking about Election night. Apparently the bar, lounge, restaurant and banquet halls were full of people celebrating like it was New Year's Eve when Obama won. I have no idea how this one man, Obama has touched so many people. It is amazing. We (Canadians) have not had this same feeling since Trudeaumania and we are hoping that his son Justin will be our man soon. (It would be similar to JFK Jr. becoming President, if he hadn't tragically passed away)