Monday, 3 November 2008

Autumn Swap

My package has left for streets unknown* in hopes of reaching a surprised blogger. *I don't want to give away my partner's name for Sofia's Autumn Swap. (and I can't wait to receive mine!)
Sofia suggested: Four gifts as follow: *comfort drink (this can be teas, coffees, herbal infusion), *comfort food (chocolates, little candies, cookies, etc), *comfort food for the soul (books, cd's, dvd's, pay attention for which zone the dvd's are because if you are sending to Europe a dvd from US it will not work), and the last one the *comfort surprise (anything you like).
My package has the following inside:
1. Pomegranate Green Tea
2. Lemon Chiffon dipping mix for fresh fruit snacks
3. 3 Robin's Egg Blue journals for creative thoughts and ideas
4. Rocks from my very special beach (perfect for skipping)
5. 3 of my favorite paint brushes (used....good for luck)
6. A small & pretty found quilt fashioned out of lovely bits of wonderful textiles. (a darling wall hanging or perfect to cozy up with for a studio nap)
and a few other trinkets......
What a special process. Thank you Sofia!

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sonrie said...

I received my package today, and goodness, it didn't just make my day, I think it made my whole week!

The items are really lovely -- did you make the quilt? and I can't wait to try the tea and make some fruit dip -- oh my goodness! There is so much to say, but I will say more on my blog post today.

Just one more thing: Thank you!!!