Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Autumn Swap

I have never participated in a swap before (except I organized a Fall Clothing Swap a few years ago and that was a huge success if I do say so and a ton of fun), but I must tell you, after receiving the postcard from The Farmer's Wife, I know I am going to be ecstatic with this Autumn Swap. I have already sent Sofia an email with my intentions to jump in. I found out about it from Pia and I can't wait to find out who I will be buddied up with. Could be you? Oui?

Here is a delightul list of Sofia's favorites from her website: (so darn cute)

"I love (in no particular order):Tango dance, cinnamon, butterflies, coriander, cats, watermelon, Christian Lacroix, fado songs, art deco, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, dots, Paris, Marc Jacobs, cameos, Rauschenberg, Holga, old books, lace, waffles, Katie Melua, old objects, lavender, SATC, Erotokritos, read and write, jazz, Christian Boltanski, golden color, Chie Mihara, snow, velvet, Olivier Adam, beige, the sound and smell of the ocean, speculoos, falling leaves, Nat King Cole, Klimt, Patricio Reig, birds, Tim Burton, fashion, poetry, sharon fruit, Feist, vintage jewellery , antique pink, ribbons, flea markets, tea, Eros, Joseph Cornell, Marisa Monte, bows, art nouveau, blogs, rain, buttercups, grey and red together, Lisbon, old photos and papers, Scandinavian design, words, cabinets de curiosites." - Sofia Barao

Photo of Sofia (who lives minutes form the Eiffel Tower) via: Trust Your Style

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nadia said...

i love sofia! she is very talented and she has a running show here in RI of her art work ir is beautiful i will posting about! i am participating as well and the suspense of whom i will be packagingthings for is killing me could be you or you or her !!!