Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Pia's Potato Peel Pie Society

That's a lot of 'P's'!!!

Pia has all the details here. You might want to join in.

To celebrate Mary Ann Shaffer's life-long commitment to writing, her family created the Mary Ann Shaffer Memorial Fund, which provided a scholarship at Soapstone, the Writing Retreat for Women, for an unpublished writer who has shown a serious commitment to writing. Soapstone offers women writers a stretch of uninterrupted time for their work and the opportunity to live in semi-solitude close to the natural world. Soapstone also provides the validation and encouragement necessary to embark upon or sustain a long or difficult writing project.
If you would like to send a donation to Soapstone in memory of Mary Ann Shaffer, please click here.

I'm going to Chapters to buy the book. I want to hold it, cuddle it and dive into while I make a stew on a crisp Fall Sunday. Doesn't that sound wonderful...

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Charlie @ So Lovely said...

A crisp Fall day or night sounds so delicious right now as we cook in LA. Was 100 degrees at 8:00pm last night. I am very intrigued to read the book.