Sunday, 28 September 2008

The Social Correspondent

Away with At Home With The Farmer's Wife. That's not double talk that is the blog's truth. I received a big 'little' surprise in my mail box late last week. Not a sweepstakes claim that I won sixteen million dollars, nor a fistful of bills. I reached in and pulled out a postcard from one of my BBF (Best Blogging Friends); The Social Correspondent. Suzanne is the world famous blogger who creates down to earth, homespun tales and teachings; all complete with an incredible soundtrack (turn up your speakers when you go there); music accompanying and synchronized to her writings and images and many a tutorial on crafts, food and relationships. You'll learn about bun roll throwing, buzzard's roost, places to eat before you die and one of my favorites, The Maybe Someday Place.

The Farmer's Wife lives 9 miles from anything. You can join her on a journey to connect with the rest of the world and find some common ground. How will you know if you're at the right place? Her screen door will be open and the porch light will be on.

She and the Farmer are busy planning a build on some land in Arkansas. (aren't the Clintons from there? Perhaps she will have them over for a BBQ and we could go too.)

To be sure, it was delightful and fun to get this mail; physically holding it in my hand - a connection, social graces and friendship - how cool is that! Suzanne, as your VARDOGER, I must share an irony with you. You wouldn't know this, but the postal stamp was special and appropriate. Over the postage stamp, imprinted in smudgy black ink was this: "Let us dare to read, think, speak and write." - John Adams 1765

Can you believe it!!! How blogging appropriate!

Only this could happen to a gift you mailed to me. Thank You my friend.
For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting and reading Suzanne, I would encourage you to go on over now. No need to call ahead. She has an open door policy. (and be sure to put her in your favorites.) I'll see you all at her place.

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Suzanne said...

I'm so happy that it arrived in Canada safe and sound. I can't even believe that the cancellation mark was something from John Adams. How totally appropriate, the stars are aligned and I shall buy a lottery ticket post haste. I am a lover of the written word, specifically the hand-written word. I went into a grocery store one time and the clerk looked at my fountain pen as if it was an ancient archaeological artifact. She asked to hold it and try it out. Yeah, I'm the pied piper of fountain pens!

Thanks so much for the wonderful words and encouragement. You are the best vardoger ever!

- Suzanne