Monday, 2 June 2008

Love Painting Sex and the City

Have I told you that Canada has a lot of land? Well we do. A helluvalotta the stuff. You see, we are the 'true north, strong and free' and what that really means is: Winter, ice caps, polar bears, hockey and the Artic. So, as a nation we huddle along the longest unprotected border in the world; hoping to feel the heat of Texas or Florida, butted up against the United States of Amercia. Most of us live in Ontario, Southern Ontario in and around Toronto. An artist I know had a feature shoot at her farm in Caledon, Ontario with Victoria Magazine a few years ago. The Japanese photographer, natural-light brilliance Toshi Otsuki, asked one question: 'What do you do with all this land?' She didn't really know how to answer that and then she realized that 'we' take it all for granted. In fact, it only takes a few short minutes in a car to experience vast acres and acres of lush landscape in Canada - I urge you to take this challenge from anywhere in our country - you'll find out that I'm not lying. It's amazing. Miles and miles of undeveloped land. So here I was this weekend driving down yet another farming road near my home (drive-by-shooting and singing badly to Hard Candy and laughing out loud alone about Samantha and the sushi scene) and I just kept thinking about that lovely painting in the movie. To my delight, the #1 keyword analysis of my blog is 'Love Painting Sex and the City' - not just the first item, all 21 down the list - which means two things: 1) Other people are trying to help me figure out the mystery (who is the artist?) and 2) Other people are hitting dead ends like I was and are ending up on Liberty Post and folks - I'm looking too. I've even asked Holly of Decor8 and Pia to help me. If anyone can source it, they can. We can go up and down the information highway for miles and miles; just like the roads up here in Canada...nothing for miles. No answers. Just dreams of something very amazing. Hopefully the bloggers over at the official Sex and the City blog will get back to me!


pia said...

well I can see I have totally disappointed you once you read my comment to your comment. But i tell you what, just because i haven't seen it, doesnt mean i don't have my sources. so if i hear on the celeb circle grapevine i shall let you know! but i'm quite down the end line of that grapevine, so it could take a while. ;-)
thanks for thinking of me and by the way, I LOVE your country. I'm not sure caption lock can come close to expressing how much I love it! Beautiful post, you took me right back there.

Suzanne said...

Don't worry about that unprotected border, because we LOVE CANADIANS!

We live in rural Illinois with plenty of open land. Farmhouses spaced every two miles or so. But the Farmer has never been west of the Mississippi to the great American West. You cannot imagine, as you have mentioned, such vast expanses of land. I drove the backroads of New Mexico one time and didn't see another human being the entire day.

As far as the painting in the movie. I would suggest contacting the reference librarians at the New York Public Library. When I worked at the newspaper we would often contact the reference librarians at the Chicago Public Library. You would not believe what these women could dig up. REALLY.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Coveiter said...

CasaSugar posted about it today in her interview with the set designer, Jeremy Conway.

The Love painting is actually, Love Too by Paul Smith, and it is available through The Rug Company.

For more, you can check out her post here:

Hope that helps!
{ Lindsey }

Frida said...

Iv'e heard its Paul Smith!

Check out my blog, I have a pic of it!