Saturday, 31 May 2008

Help Me! Who is the Sex and the City Artist?

I keep hitting the wall this morning. I can't source the artist who painted this amazing LOVE painting/mural inside Carrie Bradshaw's newly decorated apartment. (in the Sex and the City movie). It looks 'urbanoutfitterish, anthroish, freepeopleish....etsyamazingish'. It was quite large. And I believe it was hanging in her front hallway area. This is driving me nuts. Can you help? (By the way, doesn't Miranda look amazing in this still)

Update: Wow! Movie doubles expectations. $$$


Suzanne said...

I haven't seen the movie (or the TV series for that matter) but now you've got me fascinated about the painting. Do you have a picture of it?

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

At Home with Kim Vallee said...

I have seen the movie yesterday. Had fun!

The new decor of her apartment is great. I know what picture you referring to but unfortunately, I do not have the answer. Good Luck!

Adamgv said...

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Kendra said...

Help! I am dying to find out about the love painting too. If you find out could you PLEASE tell me:) it is absolutely fantastic. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The artist is Paul Smith, but I haven't been able to figure out where you can buy it or been able to find the image online yet.

Anonymous said...

You can find the image here.

Type "Love" in the search box towards the bottom. I adore this art as well and wish there was some way to get a similar piece!