Thursday, 21 May 2009

Design Radio: The Skirted Roundtable

If you haven't had the chance to listen to the podcasts over at 'The Skirted Roundtable' or you didn't even know this radio program existed, well you must tune in! They are fantastic!
You can find all the podcasts here and also download them to iTunes and here is my comment on today's show:
"Oh how I love this topic! As a former Gallerist and (still)Artist, I have some opinions. I think curators approach art hanging very differently than designers..don't you?...Curators look at the flow of an exhibit, the emotional context; the journey of visitors to the art show. Designers look at the entire room and how things work together; either in unison or in contrast to make a statement. I was a room with no furnishings hang art 65" from the middle of the piece to the floor. No exceptions. If there are furnishings then that changes ever so slightly. I also believe that there really isn't any bad art, just peoples' opinions and subjective perspective on art. (to each's own) I would rather see a room designed around artwork that the owner adores, than owners going out and trying to find art that matches the sofa. I love, love, love the picture bowl idea and I still do like 'The London Wall' look - Kate Spade has a grey bedroom with gallery walls - Tracy Porter does them well too. Now, family photos...hmmm...I had a friend who lived in a massive home. When you walked into (the lobby) there was a huge, vaulted spiral staircase. Up the staircase was 4 (3'feet x6'feet) B&W portraits of their Daughters. Oh my word - it was stunning. So incredible; so I think if family portraits are done well, they are wonderful. Ahhh..that's all for now. Keep up the excellent radio show...I love it! I listen to every word!" - Liberty Post
Let's support these 3 incredible Designers - Let's keep 'The Skirted Roundtable' famous!


Linda Merrill said...

Thanks LP!!! I agree with you - it's a matter of personal preference and it's all in the context and execution.

Linda Merrill said...

ps - STILL on an image strike??? What's it going to take??

cotedetexas said...

don't worry - they will have to drag us kicking and screaming to get us to shut up. are you kidding?????? have you heard us? each show is really 45 minutes of us blabbing that poor Linda has to edit to pieces. hahah!!!!

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I have wanted to start writing in my site like that. I will add your rss feed.