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Welcome to Patti's award-winning blog - Arts and Culture Winner - Canadian Weblog Awards.

Patti Friday, Editor of 'Embassy of Ideas' is a Canadian Freelance Photographer, Writer, Editorial Producer and Award-Winning Blogger who owns 'Patti Friday' Art Department Shop, a Photo Market and a cozy book store. Patti creates visual stories about lifestyle, still life, interiors, food,  travel and arts/culture for traditional and online media. She has authored 7 books and openly admits to having a wild love affair with cake.(Several sources confirm that this affair continues today.)

Patti is living life and photographing it. Here's her Instagram.

Liberty Post is the edgier, braver Sister to Patti's 'Embassy of Ideas'. 

The right and power to act, believe, or express oneself in a manner of one's own choosing.

To place text on a Web site or in this case, a 'Magablog' - Post also means column, mail (email/internet), position (editor-in-chief) & inform.

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Merisi in Vienna said...

Hi, Patty,
thank you for having my blog on your blogroll! I found out about it by sheer chance, searching online for a pictures I once took of a coffee shop in Brunswick, Georgia!


Thank You!

Unknown said...

Wow! Could you imagine I have been doing a research work on topiary not knowing that i was actually doing mosaiculture! Thanks so much Patti