Sunday, 1 March 2009

Mad & Noisy Gallery

There is a magical town about one hour north of Toronto's airport. On the main street in Creemore, Ontario (a street with not even one traffic light), there is a hip & contemporary Canadian art gallery. I feel honored that I was one of the founding members of the Board of Directors for this important space. Even the name conjures up images of genius-boisterous-bohemian-bordering-insanity-artists; named after the two rivers that converge outside of the village. The 'Mad & Noisy Gallery' showcases some of the very, very best art you can find anywhere in the world. My business, Patti Friday Gallery, used to be around the corner from the 'Mad & Noisy'. Many of the exhibiting artists (some who I represented in the past) are dear friends of mine - Sue A. Miller, Mark Hope, Kevin McLean, Steve Corner, Elizabeth Eakins, Nancy Falconer, John Anderson, Peter Adams, Shane Durnford (see Shane's award-winning gallery sign here) and so many talented hug-worthy others. (artists and non-artists-my friends-you know who you are). Photographer Bryan Davies took the image above of my daughter. (I was actually the stylist and assistant on that shoot) The days of Creemore were wonderful times. A place I would encourage everyone to visit.

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