Sunday, 10 January 2010

My Elevator Speech

Hello! My name is Patti Friday. I am a Canadian who writes content for online and traditional media . I also create photographs and multi-media to accompany my words. I'd love to work with you! You may reach me here: libertypost (at) gmail (dot) com. (What's yours?)

Here are some reader favorites.


Bill said...

I have had this in my book forever...someday I must put it to memory.

My "elevator" speech ...I'm a consultant who helps companies and individuals improve their communication. I do this through Printing, Advertising and Event Planning with the help of Promotional Merchandise and Apparel. I also involve myself in Graphic Design. I am a volunteer in my community. If you need my help call 705-812-5507

corine said...

I'm corine, I am writing the Next Great American Novel... What do you mean I sound like I have a French accent? It must be the noise of that gdamn elevator is making.

hmm... i'm going to have to think about this...