Thursday, 7 January 2010

Life 'IS' In The Details

It is so easy to slip into a negative mindset when there is a life-challenge. I'm not talking about a tragic loss, as witnessed by all of us today. No, no, that is, as Joni said - torture - and completely normal. Humans must mourn the losses of their loved ones and to lose a child must be the worst moment in a life. How does one go on living? (Cottage Rose, you inspire me. You go on living a beautiful life even after losing your daughter and her unborn child. What a strong woman you are!) And it is in times such as these, where we could decide 'nothing matters' - why are we focusing on paint chips and fabric swatches and linen slipcovers? - but like lightening striking, I realized today after reading about Baby Gavin and thinking of my own children and wee grand babes - that every second counts. Every ounce of energy we can pour into our environments, our homes, our family, our tables, our food, our hugs, our time, our smiles - and yes, our wall colour and decorative vignettes and sconces and the glued crack in an heirloom collectible......they all matter. Linda of Surroundings continues to make beautiful spaces although she is missing her Father; she knows. Life 'is' in the details and I am so very glad I've got all of you to share them with - you give, I receive, I give, you receive. Life 'is' in the details and our give and take; while we have each other. Let's fuss.


vicki archer said...

So touched by these words LP that I don't need to add a thing...xv

Linda Merrill said...

Well said LP.

Clay Barham said...

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