Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Blogger's Loss (Gather Around This Family)

Gavin has gone to heaven.


Cote de Texas said...

torture. i hate this for that poor mother. this is just to awful to even imagine. poor thing. soo sad. hold your baby tight tonight.

Cottage Rose said...

Oh I am so very sorry for their loss, it is the worst kind of loss, I lost a daughter and her unborn child, so I know how they are feeling,,, My Prayers are with them during this awful time.. My the Lord keep them safe in his arms, and give them strength, and courage.. God Bless;


Linda Merrill said...

My Father used to say that you don't have far to look to find someone with more trouble than yourself. I was just feeling blue about my Father, who was diagnosed with cancer a year ago next week and was dead by the end of January 2009. But the world had him for 84 years and I had him for 46 of those years. This poor family has experienced a tragic loss. My prayers are with them.