Saturday, 9 January 2010

Chiffon Is A Lovely Word

What does it mean to you? What colour do you see? Chiffon. The feel of the word leaving my lips is sheer and wispy and soft; a hush of sound. Sensual. Yummy. Chiffon brings back memories. Was it your prom dress or honeymoon lingerie? Did you learn to bake a lemon chiffon cake in 'home ec' or your Bubby's kitchen? (Speaking of home ec, I wish they'd bring that back don't you? For boys and girls.) When you think of chiffon do you visualize fashion couture and Paris or Hollywood glamour? For some I've spoken to, chiffon conjures up tackiness, cheap and passe. I picture a chiffon cheesecake; light and airy. The kind that melts on the tip of my wet tongue. I long for photo shoots on breezy beaches, capturing billowing yards of chiffon flying above and over the foamy shore. Chiffon makes me happy. Nostalgic. My Mother sewing dresses in dim light, late at night on the dining room table. Chiffon is a lovely word. What does it mean to you? What colour do you see?


Jan said...

I LOVE this post !
CHIFFON - dreamy.
Want swathes of it !

lifeinredshoes said...

Grace Kelly, I think of Grace Kelly?

Kitty said...

I see the adorable white and pale yellow flower girl dress I wore in a wedding in 1977. It was flecked with daisies and smelled like lemon verbena and vanilla. I have spent the last 30 years trying to find a fragrance that bottles the smell of chiffon!