Monday, 28 December 2009

Trays Galore by Tracy Porter

I'm sure, sure, sure, that I've told you before how much I adore trays. I buy them at yard sales and second-hand shops and use them all over the place. For magazines, my coffee, my lotions & potions, my makeup, my car keys, my desk, my jewelry, (my chocolates....shhhhh), my candles, my spices, my oils, my wooden spoons, my paintbrushes, my paints and on and on and on. Plus I give them away hoping my friends and loved ones will enjoy them too! Here is my favorite Tracy Porter video. (check out her kitchen/great!) Who knew! She loves trays too. Do you?

1 comment:

Kitty said...

i love tracy porter's katsina collection, the one with the chinoiserie orangutans. oh wait, i guess that would classify as singerie. anyhoo. dig it.