Sunday, 20 April 2008

Right Now, This Minute in Bedrock

My retro Barbados tray that sits beside my laptop. It holds
my well-used books, Libby my muse, Frida postcard from The Blue House
in Mexico City on a CTV photo clip. One wooden shoe of my German Grandmother's
(looking for the other one right now), paper clips, son's mini-digicam, pink sunglasses
and chartreuse china tea cup. And a touch of sand blown in from the beach.

Piles of magazines I keep on the floor around the outside of my studio. My other Grandmother's
depression glass juicer and an advertising promo ashtray for Humpty Dumpty chips.

Two things I'm reading....tonight.
My office chair, flag & morning sunbeams.
Paintbrushes in my German Grandfather's Dundee Marmalade pot, substantial holiday coffee mug from my eldest Daughter (see it below-I love filling it with strong coffee and warm milk), mask of my Daughter when she was about 10 (I think) - it's very flimsy now - plush Wilma. My Husband gave it to me for Christmas. Yes, I'm married to Fred. (seriously...think Fred and that's who I married.) I blame that on the fact that I watched The Flintstones every single lunch hour with tomato soup, crackers and a grilled cheese. I know every line of every episode. I manifested my marriage. Oh my.....I never realized this until right this second. Thanks for helping me work through that.

My Son heading off to his hockey banquet, pops in to say 'bye' and kiss.
Portrait of me by an artist I used to represent.
Paige lounging in the sunlight.
Two of my canvases on my office wall. I painted the American Flag in 2001 just a week
before 9/11 so it means a lot to me. To this day I often wonder why I felt compelled
to paint that when I did. I painted the Canadian Flag shortly after 9/11. Together they are 2 feet x 6 feet.
An original gouache by me of Frida Kahlo.
Thanks for dropping by. Things change fast around
here so right now, this minute, Bedrock is different.....
We are 'The Modern Stone-Aged Family'. Trust me.

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