Saturday, 24 October 2009

This Is A (Bloody) Test

Hijack my a_ _. If you have hijacked my blog, this girl is going to show some 'girl power' waaap!!!! So, I, all internet-mighty-bloggette, think I have fixed the problem. (patting my own back) This is a test: but for me to make sure, please comment and let me know a few things:

1. If you subscribe with feedburner or feedblitz did you get 'my blog' or some other hijacker known as ''?
2. If you can find me on google reader or other blog reader is it me or the hijacker?

3. If you find me on Facebook Networked Blogs, do you see me or the dreaded hijacker?

4. If you click on a link off a blogroll or type in my blog url address, do you find me?

Thanks. I heart all of you.


Linda Merrill said...

yes, I subscribe in Google Reader and the posts are coming up, I'm afriad!!

Cote de Texas said...

i just got this from google reader but the other day i was having a hard time getting your blog - it wasn't yours and then i got it - thought i had just typed it wrong.

Cote de Texas said...

this is awful! i feel for you!


Oh my...I am really disappointed - you know how much effort goes into a, I am hopeful that the internet universe will fix itself by the morning...hope you can let me know...tear

Kitty said...

LP: I get you through the Blogger feed reader, so it is always you, but what the hell is hijacking, and how can you stop it from happening?

Kitty said...

ok,so i retract my previous comment. the earlier, or next LP entries in my blogger feed were indeed and most def not you!!! but i would still love to know how that happened!