Saturday, 24 October 2009

OMG: I'm Not Joking - House in Sweden For Sale

Go here now. Do not stop. Do not collect $200. Be a 'peeping tom' for once in your life. Peek inside all the rooms of a blogger's home. My lovely and talented Swedish friend Agneta, is selling her home in Sankt Olof - in the south part of Sweden. (what a travel dream!)Just go here now. I adore that Swedish red paint, don't you? (buy here) Makes me want to run away to Sweden to buy this gorgeous property. Drool. (grab a coffee. this too is delightful. want to run away with me?)


corine said...

Blog still accessible via google, so that's cool. It's the RSS feed and link to facebook that are kaput.

Jan said...

Link to this house not working Patti.
I'll use my imagination.
Sweden would probably suit me too.