Saturday, 24 October 2009

Lucky Girls + Ju-Ju-Be

Is your diaper bag fashion-forward? (or was it years ago when you had a baby in your arms?) I just can't get over all the stylish diaper bags and accessories in stores today - Young Mom's have it made in spades - colourful and fun. It seems to me we had plastic vinyl ones..without a lick of design attached to it. It was all function. Today, the market is full of wonderful fashion-forward choices. Smart, but sassy, Ju-Ju-Be is the fusion of technology, style, and attitude into the hottest diaper bags on the market. My daughters are so hip and fortunate to be giving birth in this decade! Lucky girls. Lucky Babies. These are the ultimate/best baby gifts! You'll get oohs and ahhhs. (Shhh...I was wondering....would it be wrong if I ordered one for myself?)

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