Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Shabby Chic Comeback

NYTimes: IT was a look — and a phrase — that defined a generation of living rooms, and spawned an industry of knock-offs. And it enjoyed a long and fruitful run. So when Shabby Chic filed for bankruptcy last January after nearly 20 years in business, its creator, Rachel Ashwell, felt both anguish and humiliation, not to mention flat-out exhaustion. This is the story of her comeback. What are your thoughts?


sealaura said...

i am glad to hear she is coming back. funny I used that term in my post today! anywho, she has inspired many including me! I am currently sitting on my white couch with my laptop like dreaming of decorating.

Elise said...

good to hear - thanks for the info

justinlong said...

Niceness, Good thoughts and information. Those couches look all so comfortable I'm envious. lol
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