Friday, 16 October 2009

Flying Saucer Boy = Tele-Voyeurism

Within the walls of a spacecraft lifestyle, the truth is hidden; beamed up and away from all of us. The only truth we know right now is that 'the balloon boy' a.k.a. 'flying saucer boy' beat Michael Jackson's death in Google searches. Why the fascination in aliens, space and beyond the moon? I see this trend growing and growing. Could our higher power be a Jupiter King playing all of us in a planetary game of xbox36000? Only the mother and father know the real story. Perhaps they will hide it in Area 51 along with all the other FBI secrets. (Perhaps 'they' got the PR they ultimately prayed for.)
"I was asked to do the Ed Show tonight to discuss my post about Joe Biden and Afghanistan. Then Balloon Boy happened. When Ed asked me about the story, I told him that, for me, once the boy had been found, there was no story -- just tele-voyeurism. Why continue the wall-to-wall coverage of a story that had turned into a non-story -- on a political show -- during a week when health care, financial reform, and Afghanistan are all at the tipping point? Click here to watch the exchange. Why Joe Biden Should Resign " - Arianna Huffington

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