Sunday, 25 October 2009

Huntsville Summit Centre

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Huntsville, Ontario; the home of the G8/G20 2010 Summit. These are some photos I shot of the floorplans posted in the front lobby. The centre is going to be gorgeous with a Canadiana look. Stone, timbers, granite with a Native influence. The Government of Canada will invest $50 million towards a series of initiatives for the Huntsville area. The G8 Centre is expected to cost approximately $20 million. The Government of Canada is pleased to provide $16.7 million towards the centre, as part of its contribution to the region for its part in hosting the meeting. I was thrilled to be able to tour the construction site, knowing that so many world Leaders will be there next June. Wouldn't it be great to be part of the media for this event? The blogging group. Yes, that would be cool.
The Summit will cost at least $50 million to put on.
The Summit Fund is paying $5 million to repave North Bay's Airport.
North Bay has an International Airport.
North Bay has a 10,000 ft runway.
Air Force One can land in North Bay.
A Minumum of 5000 journalists will attend.
Protesters will number in the 1000's
Police, Military and security personel, 15000 plus.
Police and Security will start arriving weeks or months ahead.
The most peacefull G8 Summit was the last one, in Japan 2008.

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