Friday, 16 October 2009

Janice Lowry Gothold 1946-2009

I have heard it often: When I found my 'tribe', I finally felt as though I had gone home. This from countless artists I have worked with, represented, collaborated about....we (artists) get this - we just feel 'like ourselves' when we get together. We understand the need to leave a part of us behind; a legacy of sorts. We understand the un-understandable - a creative spirit working through us. Janice Lowry Gothold, an artist who specialized in creating primitive-looking assemblages from found objects and whose journals received national recognition, died of liver cancer Sept. 20 at her Santa Ana home, her family said. She was 63. At 11, Gothold started keeping a diary, which led to a lifelong fascination to "prove" that she "existed." Over the next 50-plus years, her journals became increasingly visual, and, in 2007, the collage-filled collection of 126 volumes was accepted into the Smithsonian Institution's permanent collection. (see her studio photos on her website to see the jourals and watch this lovely video) I'm sure you have thought about this too: what happens to a blogger when they die? What happens to their blog? (do their loved ones have a password to post on their behalf? have you discussed this with your loved ones?) I think it is so great that Janice's work and blog will live on. (see her house and article here) This video is so amazing....walking through 4 doors to 'her heaven'.....'her church'......

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