Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Black Foot (My 2000th Post)

To celebrate/honor my 2000th post, I thought I would talk about my 'black foot'. 'Yuck' you gag (you've seen Adam Sandler's Deeds haven't you?). Well, the black foot I have isn't really black. It's just kinda purply, reddish, mottled, greyish, bruisish, puckered and yes 'yuck' looking. Hence the namesake: The Black Foot. That's the name my family 'lovingly' gave the dreaded leg, ankle, foot. It's my left leg. It's swollen and over sized and when I wear white socks people often ask me if I have a cast on or if I've broken my ankle. Funny eh? (Canadian for 'huh' in American) They, the doctors, claim it is because of my thyroid; graves disease, that was treated twice damn it with radioactive iodine. (that couldn't have been very good for my entire system) The exact medical term is 'Pretibial Myxedema' or 'screw you I can't wear sexy heels' or 'stop scaring the children'. I am warning you. Don't go looking it up 'cause it will gross you out. Just know that this blogger won't let some lumpy, swollen, unsightly left lower leg keep me from blogging another 2000 posts. I just thought it was about time I shared that with you because it bothers me, even though I'm working on 'gorgeousness'. (and now you know why I don't wear dresses, shorts, capris or bathing suits)


Jan said...

Love Liberty Post.
Looking forward to the next 2000 posts!
Patti - you inspire me x

lifeinredshoes said...

Libs, here's to the next 2000.
You are just getting warmed up;)

Anonymous said...

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