Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Star Portraits

3 Artists. 1 Celebrity. 3 Distinct Portraits. Which one will be chosen? (Oh please click to enlarge the above images!) The Canadian series of Star Portraits brings us 13 half-hour shows introducing the Canadian audience to working artists and reintroducing them to some well-known Canadian personalities. As we watch the artists draw or paint their interpretation of the personalities, we learn a little more about both groups of people and the process of portraiture. Based on the hit BBC series that regularly engaged over five million prime-time UK viewers weekly, Star Portraits is an innovative program that combines the art of portraiture with celebrity biography. The 13 celebrities who took part have each selected a charity to be a recipient of proceeds raised during the Joyner/Waddington’s Canadian Fine Art Auction in December. In each episode we watch as three distinct portraits are produced; one is chosen by the celebrity, six will be selected by the Portrait Gallery of Canada and 20 are destined for the auction. The stories are intimate and personal as viewers get to know accomplished artists and learn more about some of their favorite celebrities. I watched the first episode tonight and it was so much better than reality tv.

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