Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Trattoria Caffe Italia

The Carrozza family has been entertaining Ottawa locals and tourists for over 20 years. Affectionately referred to as “Pat & Dom”, Pasquale and Domenic have created a restaurant experience that is truly original. Their dedication and hard work has earned them a number of Awards over the years celebrating their business sense, fine cuisine and impressive wine list. While Pat & Dom meet and greet all of their patrons, their sister, Chef Connie is busy at work in the Kitchen. Her homemade pastas and sauces are as eye pleasing as they are decadent and Connie uses recipes that are both traditional and new. Oh how I wish I was there with my family this weekend! Did I mention that it is actually a criminal offense in Canada if you don't eat at Trattoria Caffe Italia when you visit our country? (strizzata d'occhi)
In Italian tradition, harvest time is when Farmers gather together to celebrate the earth's bounty, catch up with their neighbors, and offer their produce. It is a time of merriment, celebrating the end of the intense work involved in planting, growing, and harvesting. Wine -- being such an integral part of any gathering of friends -- has its own celebratory harvest tradition. Fresh off the vine grapes are poured into huge vats, and crushed in the first stage of this centuries old art form. Since 1997, La Vendemmia has been Ottawa 's Celebration of Italian Wine & Food held in the heart of Little Italy, Preston Street.
The last time I was in Ottawa on business, (I was born in Canada's Capitol) I was lucky enough to go there for dinner. We had such a delicious meal and a wonderful time. My best memories of that evening were the 'friendly' servers & owners, superb food and then afterwards, the photo shoot we did outside after some divine wine. Arrivederci presto!!!


cathycan said...

That's bananas!!


Cathycan: You're goooood. I spy. You win!

Anonymous said...

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