Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My Circus

Has an enormous butter yellow, vanilla ice cream white and soft peony pink striped canopied tent. The flags that flutter are black and the entrance sign is hand-painted with precision in Old Hollywood gold with black font shadowing. Are you with me yet? The Statue of Liberty stands right in the middle of the performance ring. (the torch is fake for safety reasons....A little fan blows the orange and apple coloured chiffon over and around an amber lightbulb.) Each ticket holder is greeted by my smiling gals (dressed in black and white seaside sailor tops, flag red and silvery oyster satin layers, beach sky blue tulle, black tights, tap shoes and a powder blush shimmery bow.) Welcome, 2nd row on your left. Welcome, 4th aisle to the right, Welcome, up at the top behind me, Welcome, across the ring in the front row or Welcome, That way. Their names are 'Writer', 'Photographer', 'Blogger', 'Producer' and 'Bitch'. Depending on which day you come, that's who you'll get. All me. In different formulations. It can be the greatest show on earth or the worst act under the big top. My Circus. Power tap dancing my way in this life. Admission: FREE
Photo Credit: Patti Friday and her television.

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