Monday, 31 August 2009

Garden Altar

Being in nature can nourish us in so many ways every day. Creating a garden altar is one way to honor the power of nature to soothe and uplift us. It is so easy and so completely satisfying to spend a little time creating a special spot outdoors. Here are some simple, inspiring ways to begin:
A garden altar can be without any traditional religious significance but can reflect, instead, the beauty of nature herself. Consider an arrangement of treasured pebbles, a sand garden dotted with bonsai, a koi pond edged with protective grasses. Anything that touches your heart and brings you peace when you look upon it can be considered a garden altar.
Planting trees or flowers to cherish the memory of someone you love needs no altar or labeling; the quiet loveliness of a rose, the vibrant color of a hibiscus, the strength of an oak tree–any of these marvels of nature is enough to remind you of that special someone.

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Kitty said...

I make a garden altar every time I harvest vegetables, apples, flowers or herbs from my garden.