Monday, 31 August 2009

Meditation Altars

Ziji is a Tibetan word meaning "confidence" and "splendor" or "elegance." These qualities are said to be inherent in our own humanity. By creating uplifted spaces in our homes and workplaces, we reflect natural human radiance. At the same time, an elegant environment stimulates our innate wakefulness. Meditation altars are basically a space which you reserve in which to practice your meditation in peace. The word ‘altar’ is somewhat misleading in that it suggests a religious connotation. Whilst that’s perfectly acceptable for those who place religion as being of key importance in their lives, a meditation altar is simply a statement to all who live with you or who visit your home that this is a ‘special’ place which is extremely important to you when it comes to your meditation and any other kind of spirituality or contemplative thought. Different Types of Altars There are many different types of meditation altars which you can buy or design yourself.
Some of the most popular include:
Water fountain altars
Wind altars
Sea altars
Feather altars
Candle altars
The most important aspect is choosing a meditation altar which makes you feel a kinship with it as a ‘special’ place to go for meditation, comfort, solitude and quiet contemplation.

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