Monday, 31 August 2009

A Book of Women's Altars

How do women create altars-and more importantly, why? This slim guide by Cunningham (I Am a Woman by Rite) explains the background of altar making, which she demystifies by observing that "an altar helps you to quickly focus on the spirituality inherent in common things," such as photographs, candles or fresh flowers. In the opening chapters, Cunningham describes various kinds of altars-indoor and outdoor, temporary and permanent, entirely private or open for public viewing. She guides women through the process of selecting objects for their altars, choosing a theme and creating meaningful rituals. These chapters will be useful to a wide range of women who want help in establishing their own altars. - Publishers Weekly
"What am I thankful for?"
"What gives me peace?"
"What healing or blessing do I need?"
"What inspires me?"
"What is magical in my life?"
"What makes me feel special?"
"What in my life excites me, gets my juices flowing, makes me feel alive?"

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IRENE said...

A very interesting series of articles on a subjest that is very dear to me. Thank you.