Monday, 31 August 2009

Kelly Hoppen Teams Up With Hotpoint (Limes, Artichokes, Fake Flowers and Aubergine Altars...)

Yes, the kitchen is an altar. (very interesting article) The altar of nourishment. The gathering altar. The epicenter of home life altar. Kelly's hair is smashing. Reminds me of Corine. (If you've been missing Hidden in France, she's home now.) Kelly discovered some pertinent percentages:

-37% of people questioned lack confidence when it comes to interior design
- 36.7% of people like their home but don't feel it's stylish enough
- The dining room has become the most redundant room in the house, with only 5% people saying they spend time in theirs
- The kitchen is becoming the new heart of the home with over 25% saying they spend most time in theirs
- 12.6% of people are so embarrassed by the condition of their home that they don't invite people in
- 26.5% of people say that the economic climate has prevented them from making the improvements their home needs with over 15% not moving because of the downturn

More Kelly videos here. See Kelly's paint colour palette here. Buy Kelly Hoppen books in my store! And....if you are heading to Barcelona in search of incredible altars or inspiration, why not book a room in the hotel that Kelly designed?

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lifeinredshoes said...

Libby Dear, I have been keeping an eye on your "alter love"....very cutting edge.