Friday, 17 July 2009

Toronto Stinks: The Filthiest City in The World

So says Maclean's magazine and I've been listening to tourists. They agree. That's not the city I love and grew up in. That's not the region that I happily and safely hung out in as a teenager. This isn't the way my country is 'seen'. (not like 'dirtynam' a.k.a. vietnam) How sad for the citizens in our largest hometown. Garbage strike equals mountains of stinky trash; smelling up the streets, rats, rotting goop. (Miller, the Mayor went on CNN last week to urge American tourists to visit the city after an article in the San Francisco Chronicle made Toronto seem like a hazardous vacation destination.) My Toronto is friendly and super clean. My Toronto is full of wonderful sites and beautiful vignettes and smiling young faces. Have a great weekend. I will be celebrating B's 4th Birthday. Instead of rotten green plastic bags piled high, I decided to share some of my favorite photographs from the last few weeks; antique pure ivory domino set from Mexico, the soaking spa treatment of thirsty violets, chartreuse and dewey fern leaves, blurred Niagara escarpment cliffs, a section of my bookcase, fresh cherries and strawberry baskets and pies, a perfect Canadian garden and Miss B. Two Bags Full, LPxo (If you can stomach it, here is a photo essay on the world's 25 dirtiest's that for a thrilling weekend sendoff?)


Cottage Rose said...

I really enjoyed all your photos. they were so amazing.. thanks for sharing them. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


vicki archer said...

Thanks for the 'dirty' thoughts...Have a wonderful weekend LP, xv..

Jan said...

love the first photo - have a fragrant weekend ! x

Cote de Texas said...

is it just because of the strike? right? those people must never have visited the border towns of Texas on the Mexico side. p-u!!!! omg you can't imagine how bad it smells.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...


What is happening with the world??!