Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Smoking Thing

I just want all my smoking readers to know that I wish I could smoke right now. I love smoking. I love the taste, the feeling, the high, the inhale, the exhale - the act. I also want you to know that I am an 'extremist', meaning...whatever I do, I do it endlessly and passionately and then poof! I quit. If I eat, I eat a lot. If I write, I write a lot. If I smoke, I smoke a lot. I am not the kind of 'quitter' who will make others feel bad about smoking. I sit in envy. Perhaps I will start again. I miss smoking.

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Jan said...

I've had quite a few conversations with ex smokers recently about this.
The fact that people often restart after long periods of abstinence (the ones I've talked to - 10months/3years/5years/18years!) just goes to show how difficult it is to stop.
Something those who have never smoked really can't understand.
What happened to moderation in all things?
Whatever - none of us can stop the march of time.
p.s. I'm sure your readers will be supportive regardless, I think we appreciate your honesty x