Monday, 9 March 2009

How do you really feel?

I'm entering into Phase II of my 2 year self-improvement plan. It's extreme self-care to the max. Phase I (which started March 17, 2008) was giving up the dirty butts and I'm not talking about skanky casual sex. Oh no, I"m talking much dirtier. The cigarettes.
Here is my policy on cigarettes (in case you give a damn):
No one depicted in Liberty Post shall be or appear to be under 25 years of age.
Liberty Post shall not suggest that smoking is essential to social prominence, distinction, success or sexual attraction, nor shall it picture a person smoking in an exaggerated manner.
Liberty Post may picture attractive, healthy looking persons provided there is no suggestion that their attractiveness and good health is due to cigarette smoking.

Liberty Post shall not depict as a smoker anyone who is or has been well known as an athlete, nor shall it show any smoker participating in, or obviously just having participated in, a physical activity requiring stamina or athletic conditioning beyond that of normal recreation.

Phase II (which begins March 17, 2009) is the outside, physical me. The bod. The soon to be 50 year old bod. But I don't care who you are. I can't and I won't give up coffee. If I do, I will have to kill you.


Di Overton said...

Well as a smoker and a coffee addict I really can't comment :)

sealaura said...

How awesome that you are on a self improvement plan. moi aussi. Ever since I had a huge life altering split let's just say.. I have started to focus more on myself. sounds selfish, but it you don't take care of yourself who will right? I love coffee too, I can't imagining giving that up. In a time when we seem to be cutting back on everything, coffee is just one of the few little luxuries that I will always allow myself. Ciao L:)

corine said...

Nooo. not coffee.... My lifeline.