Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Conference Post

Good Morning Everyone,

I've had a few busy days since the end of last week. I've had Beirut on my mind too, as my Egypt Girl was there for a skiing trip (in Lebanon?). I have seen a few photos so far on Facebook and I couldn't believe my eyes! Watching Canadians snowmobiling in the Middle East. I learn something new every day.

Here is the run down (I'll keep this Conference Post short and sweet as I know you have busy lives and more blogs to visit)

1. I spent the weekend with a Floral Designer in the city, so you can imagine her home. Blooms everywhere.

2. I toured a flower shop with a lot of potential. Perhaps it will be bought. It has the most charming location and old fashioned awning. It also housed a few 'to-die-for' display casegoods.

3. I roamed a garden center and was inspired by the Spring displays.

4. This little piggy went to the chinese buffet on Saturday night.

5. I danced to the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.

6. I watched the TV special on Siegfried & Roy. What a life!

7. I sat in a coffeehouse and fell in love all over again with an Americano.

8. I went to Chapters and bought the new issue of Veranda as a gift and a book by Ann Coulter. (I know! Can you believe it? This very liberal blogger reading Ann - I want to know how she writes and why she is a bestseller - research, research, research.)

9. I bought some silver gallery trays from Goodwill and shined them bright.

10. I stayed up all night watching CSI episodes.

11. I freaked out when I went to the largest Joe store ever! Smashing (gap looking) goodness on the cheap. Perfect for your budget fashion shopping sprees.

Thank you for joining me on this silly conference post. I was amazed at how many things exist outside the inside of my laptop. It felt O.K. to step away, but I did miss it tremendously. It's in my blood. Have a good one.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Gosh. If I read Ann Coulter I would, no doubt, have to be hospitalized.

corine said...

You read Ann Coulter? I forgive you because I listen to Rush when I need to feel righteously indignant.

I spy: you in the mirror, no?

Mélanie said...

I love every single pic on this post