Monday, 10 November 2008

Brown Button Update

Those Australian Bloggers! They sure do have their finger on the pulse of.....well....everything. I got a fantastic comment on this post from Brown Button about this designer's rugs. Thanks for the tip! Brown Button is an Accountant in Adelaide, Australia. Kimberlee spends her days with calculator and tax law, but at night - Wow! - she's moves into another column - to her creative side. Number crunching to fabric bunching! Here is the update. Enjoy!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...


Kimberlee said...

oh wow! You have made my day, no hang on, my week, ah what the heck, my year!!! Thanks so much for the post!!! - I'm a bit naughty and on jump on my laptop every morning before I head off to work to check my fav blogs etc and here is the message from you - couldn't resist - squeal! Now i'm supposed to go and balance books and calculate tax!!! - booo!
Oh and I love that you did a post on Shannon Fricke - her book sits on my coffee table and I love her blog!
Ok, time to head to work, I'll be back to visit daily. Thanks again! xxxxxx

Bespoke Press said...

Such fabulous rugs!! I adore them, its so inspiring living here down on the bottom of the earth and having so many fabulous australian designers to admire!

Pearl Maple said...

Recently found the brown button and think she speaks for many of us, locked in our corporate worlds by day but dreaming all of that could be beautiful and gracious, if we could ever get free from our calculators.