Monday, 10 November 2008

That's So 'Fricke'

Shannon Fricke. This Australian describes herself:
"A DEDICATED HOMEBODY and LOVER of all THINGS ORNAMENTAL I believe that the way you decorate your home can influence the way that you feel about your life and so I love to inspire people to create a home that suits their individuality. For me, true style comes from the heart, and so, creating a beautiful home is available to all of us. It's this idea that I hope to inspire in people the most. " - Shannon Fricke

Shannon Fricke. Her Design Inspirations:
Frida Kahlo
Isabel Allende
Mirka Mora
Mount Warning
Mulberry Street
Secret Gardens
The Smell of Gardenias
Windy Dirt Roads

Shannon Fricke. Liberty Post's Description of this Australian:
Not afraid of dirt. (ack. looks gorgeous digging)
A Design Teacher (she shares with us how to style and that's cool)
Her Fashion Sense is so 'Fricke'. (and that's incredible)
A Business Woman who supports the messy desk. (thank goodness)
Does she look like a farmer to you? (imagine the best styled salads in the world)
She shares her home. (we are flies on the wall...happy flies)
She has a thing for Spoodles. (so cute!)
She is a television star.
She is an Author.
She is a stylist & decorator.
She is a Mother of Two.
Anything she touches or creates...ends up..perfect.
Whenever I see something she has done, I say 'That's So Fricke'.
(Liberty Speak for Perfect)
"That's So Fricke" = New Shannon Fricke Book Title? or New TV series name...?...or perhaps Shannon Fricke line of bedding or t-shirts or handbags....?...."That's So Fricke"...wouldn't you agree?


beachbungalow8 said...

i'll have to add that to my lexicon!

great book

bronwyn said...

Delicious post, I love the wall collage in the second photo.

Shannon Fricke said...

LP! I'm completely humbled! Thank you so much for making me a part of your posts on Oz - and for reminding me that I live in one of the most extraordinary and creative places on earth. What an eye opener to get another's perspective on our great land. You have a lovely view of things! And are a great commentator.

ness lockyer said...

Love your Aussie posts. This is the first time I have left a comment, but have been reading for a while. I too am a Aussie, living in Tasmania (the little island at the bottom of Aus). I have been a reader of Shannons blog for a while now... she is so talented and I am glad you included her in your Australian posts.
Ness xx

magikquilter said...

I love the

"That's so Fricke"

it ...Shannon!!