Friday, 14 November 2008

Bespoke Press

"Bespoke - a beautifully old word which means to custom make, beautifully suited to the old world art form that is letterpress. Bespoke Press is a Brisbane (Australia) based letterpress and design company. Inspired by a love of beautifully rich papers, decadent and intricate designs, and a love for all that is handmade and created - Bespoke Press is company founded with love. Established by Alischa Herrmann a highly established Graphic Designer - Bespoke came into fruition after a 1000km sea change to warmer weathers, a rumbling old timber house by the sea and the dream that Letterpress should never become a dying artform.

Letterpress here in Australia isn't an easy thing... Presses are incredibly few and far between and everything needs to be imported into the country. It has taken Bespoke Press several years of hard searching to welcome into our home a 1893 Chandler and Price Oldstyle 8x12, a 1950 Chandler and Price Pilot 8x11 and the little baby of the family an Adana 5x8 Tabletop.
This blog will be a journey inside of Bespoke as well as all the other beautiful things in life which inspire us! Beautiful design, gorgeous homewares, furniture design & restoration, interior design, wonderful memories and beautiful locations around the world. Welcome to our journey, we hope that it too will inspire you to live a beautiful life." - x Alischa

In the land of Brisbane, Australia...Bespoke Press Blog.
Things I Gathered:
She loves Amy Butler and she's gonna meet her! You can too:
Thursday 20th November 2008
Adelaide Room
Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

She eats chocolate typography and digs ceramics.
She really likes Canadian Photographer, Irene Suchoki
A car crashed into her house???
She likes white paint on her walls...
You really need to go over there to see her!