Friday, 14 November 2008

6000 Panoramic Hi-Res Virtual Tours of Oz

Aaron Spence wrote:
"I'm a bit late to the party & don't blog much, but I sure do shoot a huge amount of Australia for my website Here you can check out over 6000 gorgeous high resolution panoramic virtual tours from all over Oz."-Aaron

Liberty Post wrote:
"Now you've gone and done it. I have other things in my life ya know. Like laundry. How am I supposed to walk away from your work? (wink...they are incredible....truly amazing work.)"


Aaron Spence said...

Thanks Patti, glad you like. Sorry about the laundry too, hope it got done ;)

If you're interested I'll send you a free desktop wallpaper subscription code for you & anyone you like, just shoot me an email.

Thanks again, Aaron.

Luxury Tours ireland said...

I have visited the website and i like all the virtual pictures you have displayed there. I also wish to get a wallpaper subscription code from you so please share your email with me.

Aaron Spence said...

G'day Luxury Tours Ireland,
I'm afraid the Wallpaper site is down. It wasn't being updated, and after being hacked too many times we took it down, rather than continually deal with hackers.