Friday, 14 November 2008

Melrose Place. Home of Squooshy Couches

And bowls and bowls and vases and baskets of roses. Beautiful roses! (Plus Mel's a Gemini so I automatically adore her.)

'Hi - i am Mel or Melinda. I live on the Gold Coast in QLD Australia with my husband of almost 20 yrs and 2 daughters + 1 cheeky dog. I love love love anything to do with home decor and mainly love the styles shabby chic, beach chic, Hamptons, French Provincial etc. Basically anything that gives you that feel good factor when you look at it. I love being home most of all although work a couple of days a week. I love my roses and most weeks manage to have a few vases filled with pink roses namely Nahema and the Childrens Rose. I love to re-arrange the house and read blogs especially those with beautiful photos but i also love reading what people get up to and it amazes me how much some people actually fit into their lives. I love to be busy but i love the quiet life too! Nothing better than being curled up on one of my squooshy couches with a pile of magazines surrounded by family." - Melrose Place

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