Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Australia House (insert hyperventilating here)

Must they do this to me? Must they tease me with such features as this: THE AUSTRALIA HOUSE Academy Award-winner Catherine Martin, production and costume designer for Baz Luhrmann’s new epic Australia, takes VL inside the iconic homestead created for the film. In exclusive pictures we preview the 1930s-style outback home, recreated in Kununurra, Western Australia; its decor a stunning reflection on 1930s and ’40s Hollywood glamour mixed with Australiana. We hear how Catherine and her team achieved authenticity from architectural concept through to decoration for the home and its role as one of the film’s main characters. Australia opens in cinemas nationally on 26 November. Wet your appetite for this issue here. Ah, and then there is Entertaining + Living and Vogue Australia.....paper bag anyone? Hurry. I can't breathe.
All Photos: Vogue Feature by Annie Leibovitz

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Kimberlee said...

Oh i am SOOOO excited about this movie!!! - I have loved all of BAZ's movies, they are all feature in my top favourites but something tells me (no pressure) that "Australia" will be the best!! x