Saturday, 8 November 2008

Grab Your Fork

Grab Your Fork is a blog written by Helen Yee, a born-and-bred Sydneysider who loves to eat. Even when she's eating, she's probably already thinking about what she should have for her next meal. WARNING: The flickr site is dangerously delicious. Her belief that food tastes better when it's shared with friends is one of the primary factors in her decision to start her foodblog in the first place. Sydney is blessed with not only great weather and fantastic beaches, but an abundance of seafood, a bounty of fresh produce and a diversity of cuisines unlike anywhere else in the world. Whilst many foodbloggers cook--taking exquisite photos of their proud productions--Helen prefers to eat, which is why much of her site is made up of restaurant visits, most of them in her hometown of Sydney, Australia. Rather than consider it a restaurant review website, Helen likes to think of it as a personal photo album of gastronomic memories. She clucks over each photo like a proud mother, recalling each encounter with a wistful smile. She is a big fan of the "cheap 'n' cheerful" and relishes the fresh zesty flavours of Vietnamese foods as well as the reverent simplicity of Japanese. She loves fresh sashimi, zaru-soba, bun thit nuong and good crusty sourdough. She has tremendous respect for all those who work in the hospitality industry, especially chefs without whom her restaurant-reliant social life would be non-existent. Whether you are reading the blog in Sydney, New York, Singapore or London, she hopes her site whets your appetite, encourages your tastebuds and gets you hungry to seek out more in your corner of the world. Life is one long buffet table... so Grab Your Fork and dig in!

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