Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Green and Pink Fatigue

No, I am not tired of this colour scheme. I am exhausted and suffering from eco-anxiety and pink pouting. From environmental claims and green product packaging to hand mixers in breast cancer pink, I now accept and admit, I need a break. It's not that I need a rest from these important causes, because I so agree with them, it's just that I find that now companies are using 'green and pink' to further their bottom lines and I lack the 'trust' that they are truly genuine. These marketers need to ask themselves, has over-saturation lost its effectiveness? (Challenge the company to make an informed and private donation that will benefit an issue that is important to the members of the corporation, rather than putting a pink ribbon on a product to increase sales.) Do you know what I mean?

By the way, the photo of the chairs is from PBTeen, which by the way was used only to represent my 'green and pink' philosophy..cause..I think these are rather swell!

1 comment: Maegan said...

oh wow! My mom has that exact chair...but the original version ...very short for putting shoes on I think....What a clever idea ...these are adorable!