Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Nelli Roono, Liberty, Love, Olmstead and Pie

This is how people find (stumble upon) this blog. Here are the top 5 word searches that will lead them to me:

1. nelli roono (the girl with gigantic boobs - a.k.a. - big (milk) jugs)
(I dare you to search google images to see them. They are udderly monstrous!)
2. liberty post (duh)
3. sex and the city 'love' painting (it is spectacular)
4. marla olmstead
5. thanksgiving 2008 pie (people are planning their menu)

It strikes me funny, because I work very hard to make my blog 'buffet-like' - a bit of this and a touch of that...and still every week - week after week, the most hits come from sexy ideas in peoples' heads. Gee.


Marnie said...

looks like a chandelier of molars

nadia said...

i do believ pumpkin pie is sexy!!!