Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Dancing in the Stars

Not 'with' the stars, but I'm sure she is dancing 'in' the stars. Smiling. Happy. Confident. Peaceful. Watching her boys (men) grow. I leave this weary week with an image dedicated to two people. One, Diana. We are all remembering you this week. Two, Patricia Gray. My fellow Canadian. One of my first readers, who keeps coming back. Thank You - she is our much adored blogger who designs for John. Have a wonderful long weekend. My wish for you is that you have much song, much food, much hugs. The Work Continues.....xo

Incredible header photo credit: Lefteris Pitarakis


Patricia Gray said...

Wow to be linked with Diana..what an honor. Are you pshyic or what..I just rented the new DVD: "Diana Last Days of a Princess" to watch tonight. Wishing you a great Labour (with "u") Day weekend.\\
BTW Love your new header!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

It's still so hard to believe Diana is gone. I really think her funeral was the saddest thing I've ever seen.

On a happier note...I do love Patricia Gray's site!

Happy Holiday week to you too! From both Edward and me!

Suzanne said...

Look at how young and beautiful she is. What a wonderful, giving spirit she had. Nothing the royals could ever put a squash on. I wonder what she would have accomplished had she lived. So sad still.

Patricia does wonderful work. I love how she shows designs in progress. It's so interesting to see how a design goes from an empty space to a polished design.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife.... who is contemplating the purchase of a Zebra print chair. HA!